Serco Education

About Us

Serco is an international service company which combines commercial expertise with a deep public service ethos. Around the world, we improve essential services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

A strong public sector ethos runs through our organisation which is why you will always find our people are motivated to make a positive difference.

16,000+ School leaders trained across a wide range of leadership programmes.

Years of experience

At Serco, we have many years’ experience of working with senior leaders including headteachers, deputy and assistant headteachers, leadership teams, business managers, children’s centre leaders, support staff and governors on a daily basis. We have trained over 16,000 school and academy leaders across England and Wales, from those in the early stages of leadership development to those with extensive leadership experience.  More recently (since 2018) we have developed a range of apprenticeships for schools.

For more than 10 years, Serco has been committed to supporting and improving the employment sector.  Our own expertise is underpinned by a depth and breadth of service delivery - including health, education and skills, business support, family-related services, orffender management and local government.  We have recently developed a pathway of training programmes for Employability Practitioners or Work Coaches.

Serco Education team

The strength of our team rests with the dedication of each and every member of staff, our commitment to provide clients and programme participants with the best possible service, our in-depth knowledge of every contract we deliver, and the individual breadth of expertise and experience we can offer.

Serco Education also works closely with a number of partner organisations and universities, such as the SBM Partnership and the University of Gloucester.

Serco Education operates the Learning Centre web platform to deliver a range of e-learning opportunities to thousands of participants from various educational and business backgrounds.

SBM Partnership

The SBM Partnership delivers school business management training nationally, and operates as a collaboration between Serco Education, Adfecto and the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL).

The SBM Partnership provides full information about its programmes at