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School Business Administration Apprenticeship


Serco Education are currently developing a new School Business Administration Apprenticeship. This is a programme for anyone employed in an administrative function within a school or academy, and whose role involves developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services.
Please read through the programme information below, including the key documents.

Course code: 610

Duration: 18 months

Accreditation: City & guilds (TBC)

Level: 3

Who can apply?

The School Business Administration Apprenticeship is open to anyone in a school administration or support function, including those who already have Level 3 qualifications in disciplines other than business administration. 

School administrators or support staff of any age, based in England, who are involved in developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services may be eligible to join the programme. So if you wish to develop your school business administrative skills and behaviours, and should you then aim to then progress into school business management responsibilities, then the School Business Administration Apprenticeship could well be the qualification for you!

A minimum of English & Maths at Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE grade A*- C) are required for this apprenticeship but if you don't have these qualifications we can help you gain the level 2 requirement during your School Business Administration Apprenticeship studies.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone currently undertaking an apprenticeship or DfE funded programme of study will not be eligible for a the School Business Administration Apprenticeship until they have completed their current apprenticeship/studies.

We are hoping that our first pilot programme will start late 2020, please email if you are interested and we will keep you updated on dates once they become available.

Programme details

The School Business Administration Apprenticeship will take 18 months to complete (timescales may vary depending on contracted working hours). The programme will include face-to-face sessions with online and work-based learning, covering a wide range of skills, knowledge and behaviours (as defined by the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship standards underpinning the programme).

The Level 3 School Business Administration Apprenticeship will include modules on:

  • The principles of school business administration
  • Administration in the educational environment
  • Personal and professional development
  • Managing performance
  • Your organisation
  • Communication in a school business environment
  • Project Management
  • ICT for school business

Other programme features include:

  • 1 online introduction (including one follow-up WebEx)
  • 4 x regional face-to-face workshops (or webinars depending on the COVID-19 situation)
  • Pro-rata extension to study time for those working less than 30 hours a week (on average)
  • 20% off-the-job training time
  • 1:1 support from a coach who will visit your workplace regularly
  • Development of a work-based portfolio to evidence learning

See the FAQ document (below) for more information on the programme content and structure.

School Business Administration Apprenticeship - how will it benefit me?

Successful apprentices will achieve:

  • A level 3 qualification awarded by City & Guilds, the Level 3 Diploma for the Business Administrator (once C&G approval received)
  • On-the-job experience
  • A professional pathway for future development
  • Level 2 in Maths and English (if you do not already have these qualifications)
  • Expertise in areas including IT, project management, record and document production, communication and many more

Other considerations

The apprenticeship levy will cover the cost of the training programme but doesn’t cover travel costs, WebEx call charges (depending on your phone provider) or accommodation should you visit other schools or attend workshops during your studies.  Salaries will not be covered.

This is an exciting opportunity to gain a level 3 qualification whilst working but please think carefully about your time commitment and how you will manage the day-job. Your employer must be able to allocate 20% of your working time for off-the-job study/learning; this does include the face-to-face sessions and coach visits, etc.

Although the programme is delivered flexibly there will be deadlines for assignments and attendance at workshops is mandatory.  Should you wish to discuss this further please contact Serco Education either by phone on 01452 341 829 (office hours) or email:

Remember to discuss this opportunity with your line manager who will be required to support you during your studies.

Please note that, whilst your learning will be guided, with support from your facilitators (at the workshops and online) and your coach, you will be expected to work through the learning materials via Serco Education's online web platform.  Each module that you study will have a start and end date and you may have one or two milestones during the module, but aside from these it will be up to you to determine the pace at which you study and the amount of additional reading you do.  This may be a different style of learning to your previous experience and it relies on your own motivation and commitment to succeed.

Important information about funding

The Level 3 School Business Administration Apprenticeship has been allocated the funding band of up to £5,000, however the cost of the programme may be slighly reduced depending upon previous experience and qualifications. Providing you are from a levy-paying school, then, as a guide, 80% of the apprenticeship cost is spilt into monthly payments to the provider, with the remaining 20% payable on completion (this is a simplified example of the process); this is normally paid out from your school/trust/local authority's apprenticeship service digital account (referred to as the DAS account).

Important: You must ensure that your funding manager, apprenticeship manager or procurement team can confirm that there are sufficient funds available in the school/trust/local authority's levy fund account. Please note that for local authority applicants, most LAs will require training providers to submit to their procurement to their procurement or approved training provider process before funds can be allocated; this may impact on your start date.

Alternative payment options are available for non-levy paying employers (employer co-investment scheme) - please contact us for more details or see information.  An updated scheme for non-levy emploers was introduced from January 2020.

Expressions of interest

To register your expression of interest, please email

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