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Serco are now delivering an Information, Advice and Guidance qualification those who work in a wide range of roles. This qualification acts not only as a sole offering, but also as the perfect start to completing the Level 4 Employability Practitioner Apprenticeship.

Course code: 800

Duration: 8-20 Weeks

Level: 3

Who Can Apply?

This qualification is designed for those people who work in, or are looking to work in an Information Advice and Guidance roles such as:

Career or Employment Co-ordinators Advances practitioners and key workers
Careers advisors Case Managers
Case Workers Coaches or consultants
Community Support Advisors Employability Tutors
Employment Advisors Employment Coach
Senior or Lead Job Coaches IAG Advisors
Job Coaches Lead IAG Advisors
Lead or Senior Employment Advisors Personal Advisors
Employment Consultant Housing Officers Senior Student Support Workers
Training Advisors Student Support Workers

This is not an extensive list and the course is available to all those that can evidence that there is an aspect of providing Information, Advice and Guidance as part of their role.


Programme Details

To complete the Level 3, Information, Advice and Guidance qualification.  There are a number of criteria to meet before being awarded your certificate.

Firstly, there is an requirement to complete enough units to aquire 21 credits towards the qualification.  There are various units available for completion and these are comprised of both mandatory and optional units.

Mandatory Units

  • Establish communication with clients and advice and guidance
  • Support clients to make use of the advice and guidance service
  • Review own contribution to the service
  • Understand the importance of legislation and procedures

Optional Units

  • Develop interactions with advice and guidance clients
  • Interact with clients using a range of media
  • Assist advice and guidance clients to decide on a course of action
  • Prepare clients through advice and guidance for the implementation of a course of action
  • Assist clients through advice and guidance to review their achievement of a course of action
  • Negotiate on behalf of advice and guidance clients
  • Liaise with other services
  • Enable advice and guidance clients to access referral opportunities
  • Manage personal case load
  • Evaluate and develop own contribution to the service
  • Operate within networks
  • Provide and maintain information materuals for use in the service
  • Identify and promote the contibution of Careers Education Guidance (CEG) within the organisation
  • Promote Careers Education Guidance (CEG)
  • Facititate learning in groups
  • Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
  • Enable learning through demonstrations and instructions

Lastly, there is also a requirement to be able to evidence the completion of 210 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). 

For more advice on any of these units or to discuss how to calclulate guided learning hours, please contact us on the details below.

Certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance Cost

There is currently a number of potential funding opportunities available for completing the certificate.  Please contact us for more information regarding costings and we will calculate the best deal directly with you.

For note.  our current costings are circa £835 + VAT for a fully online course and £962 + VAT for delivery to include 2x Face-to-face observation.  These costs are per learner but we further discount may be available for multiple bookings or large group delivery.

Ready to Apply?

The next cohort is looking to start during April 2023!

For more information regarding anything on this page, or to discuss an application.  Please email us at or call us on 01452 341829.

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