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We are recruiting Apprenticeship Coaches from all areas of England

20th Mar 2023 Serco Education

Serco Education are recruiting coaches from all areas of England, to join their Higher Apprenticeship Team….

We are looking for self-motivated people with experience of working in a leadership/management role in a school/academy who are interested in becoming a coach to provide support to our apprentices studying our Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) for Schools, Level 4 School Business Professional Apprenticeship (SBPA) programmes and the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship (TAA).

The coach is a key role, supporting and guiding school business professionals in their learning journey to develop key skills and
behaviours. As a coach you will provide one to one support in the learner’s workplace as well as online, via email, skype, webinars etc.

We offer competitive rates plus benefits. Applicants will need to be prepared to travel to visit learners throughout their regions.

Coach - Role Description and Person Specification

Role Description:


Training and development

  • Attend and successfully complete induction training. Please note that some training will be face to face with the remainder via WebEx.
  • Attend ongoing development (annually) as specified by Serco Education.


Coaching activities

  • Face to face meetings at apprentice’s workplace (preferred method of delivery) along with apprentice’s line manager plus up to 2 touch point calls to review apprentices’ progress with their e-portfolio of evidence and identify actions for apprentice to further develop the e-portfolio prior to next meeting. 
  • Conduct a coaching conversation with the individual and their line manager at each session.  
  • Review the apprentices’ progress in the preparation of a portfolio of evidence at each meeting (including phone/webinar) and identify SMART targets prior to next meeting.
  • Outlining areas of portfolio that are required to be updated on eAssessor in preparation of next visit and within delivery of the apprenticeship.  
  • Liaise with apprentice’s line manager or mentor to ensure that meetings/observations take place at an appropriate time
  • Ensure apprentice maintains an Off the Job/CPD log and review this at each apprentice meeting
  • Ensure apprentice maintains a mapping document and review this at each apprentice meeting
  • Provide pastoral support to apprentice, ensuring that there are no health and safety, prevent or safeguarding issues 
  • Conduct a formal annual review of each apprentice’s progress with the apprentice and with the line manager/mentor present for part of the review ensuring that eAssessor is up to date with all relevant evidence.
  • Maintain regular contact with apprentices via monthly emails to ensure that they are on track with developing their portfolio including the uploading of evidence on to eAssessor and their formal studies and report any concerns to the Programme Manager.



Coaching and Assessment of SBPA knowledge, skills and behaviours

  • Ensure understanding of eAssessor and ensure that the apprentice able to timely upload evidence.
  • Coaches are required to ensure that the apprentice updates their e-portfolio at the end of each unit and collects adequate and appropriate evidence.
  • Provide guidance and monitor the apprentice’s development of an e-portfolio demonstrating their learning and development activities with their application in the workplace. Ensure that these fully meet the standards, learning outcomes and assessment criteria before you sign them as completed.
  • During the meetings there may be a requirement to assess apprentices learning, skills and behaviour in relation to their management role. 
  • Ensure that the line manager/mentor is appraised of the apprentice’s performance.
  • Ensure that each individual meeting in the workplace includes a discussion with the apprentice’s line manager in order to discuss progress.
  • Check the apprentice’s protected Off the Job log time to ensure that they are achieving the required amount of time for development during their normal working hours.
  • Using approved software, update online the apprentice’s progress after each meeting and ensure that the progress report is signed by the apprentice, their line manager and you before submission.



Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Contribute to CQI procedures and act upon the recommendations of the Programme Manager/IQA regarding areas for development.


Data Protection

  • Have regard to current legislation and will, at all times, bear in mind responsibilities under the relevant Acts. Attention is specifically drawn to the need for confidentiality in handling personal data and the implications of unauthorised disclosure.


Additional Aspects of the Coaching Role

  •  Support the apprentice’s preparation of their e-portfolio for years 2 and 3
  • Assess the apprentice’s behaviour in their role through evidence from self-assessments and a 360-degree feedback.
  • Provide support and guidance with regard to the focus of the work-based project which is completed in year 2.


If this is of interest, please email or to receive further information and a role specification.


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