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Emma is improving process efficiency for her team after progressing onto the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship at Serco

Emma Green joined Serco as a Project Support Apprentice in September 2015. During her Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship Emma worked on a range of projects which focused on areas such as legal compliance, ethics and Serco’s GDPR programme. 

Following her school education, Emma attended College and then was keen to get started in employment through her apprenticeship with Serco. Following completion of her first apprenticeship, and having secured a permanent role with the business, Emma heard about the opportunity to take up the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship through Our World and Yammer. Having not attended University - when the opportunity to take up a degree programme alongside the day job arose Emma was keen to find out more.  

Emma said “the opportunity to take deep dives into specific areas offered by the programme such as economics, finance, budgeting and supply chain management was of particular interest for me.”

Emma was part of the very first cohort to embark on the CMDA with Serco. Now, well into her second year of the 3 year programme Emma says she has enjoyed the entrepreneurial focused aspects of the programme as well as modules covering team dynamics and the importance of self-reflection, creativity and innovation. 

Emma said “the apprenticeship gives you an opportunity to develop in many areas which provide transferable skills and can be applied in a wide range of job roles. For example, the finance modules have given me enough theoretical understanding to allow me to join in with finance conversations in meetings that I may previously not have had full understanding of, it’s great that I can already see the impact of my learning in my day job.” 

It is not only Emma that is feeling the benefits of her hard work. Emma is a key part of Serco’s GDPR Programme. Emma said “a result of the GDPR programme at Serco has been the establishment of the Data Protection Office (DPO) Team which I joined in July. As a newly established team there are a lot of processes that need to be built and refined. I have been able to apply my CMDA learning to assist with the mapping of DPO processes, analysis to take out inefficiencies and where necessary take these forward with the team as Yellow or Green belt process improvement projects. Keen to develop at Serco Emma is also part of the GROW programme and was one of the first to become accredited with Yellow Belt as part of the pilot for the training programme. 

Emma’s Line Manager, Cristina Vannini-Goodchild, Data Governance Manager, can already see the positive impact Emma’s apprenticeship is having for the business. Cristina said “Emma is an asset to our team and I can already see the impact of her CMDA learning in the contributions she makes to meetings and projects which she leads. Emma has been able to apply her learning to the benefit of the whole team by taking a lead in the implementation and refinement of new processes that help us to ensure we are achieving our objectives in the most efficient way for the business.” 

Emma said of the CMDA programme so far “once I complete the course I will have a Business Degree and be a Chartered member of the Chartered Management Institute, neither of which comes without a lot of hard work. The support I have received from my team and line managers has been essential. A lot of resources are available to you, online learning is supported by face to face teaching at workshops, informal study groups or 1 to 1’s with Serco coaches and almost ‘anytime’ access to tutors at the University of Wolverhampton.

One unexpected benefit of Emma’s participation in the CMDA was the opportunity to network with other Serco colleagues, many of whom have been Data Protection Champions for their areas of the business and are people Emma needs to engage with as part of her Data Protection Office (DPO) Team role. 
Emma said ”any opportunities to meet colleagues from other areas of the business is always welcome and has really supported my GDPR role as well as helping me to build up a great support network for my apprenticeship. I was surprised at the range of ages of those taking up the programme, at 22 I am one of the youngest in my cohort. Having a diverse group is brilliant for peer to peer learning - we all have something different to bring to the sessions. 

The CMDA has already given me a good grounding to progress in my career and my work is having a positive impact for the business, I would definitely like to further my career with Serco but for me it’s more about the learning journey currently than the destination.”

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PLEASE NOTE: Serco Apprenticeships are only available to Serco employees based in England and other eligibility criteria may apply.