Serco's Apprenticeship Service

In his role as a Training Officer at Serco, Ian is well placed to see the value in keeping your training up to date

Having recently completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship and in his role as an instructor for new and existing staff working in the Justice and Immigration (J&I) sector at Serco, Ian is well placed to see the value in keeping your training up to date!

Ian has been with Serco since 2005 and has worked hard to progress through many J&I roles in that time. Now in his role as a Training Officer he is a big advocate of the need for ongoing learning and development.

Ian said “It’s been a while since I myself have undertaken any accredited qualifications and gaining your Level 3 does take hard work and dedication. It can be challenging to manage your time to get the work done alongside your day job, but with careful time management and great support around you it’s completely possible and I’m very proud of my Diploma, it feels great.

It’s so important in today’s society to keep your training as up to date as your experience. Whether you plan to progress in your career at Serco or you find yourself back in the job market, having a piece of paper to back up all your experience is very valuable and will give your more choices than you would have with experience alone.

I’m a big advocate of apprenticeships with those I now train, it’s great that our organisation is able to offer us these training opportunities which you can do alongside your day job whilst still earning the same salary.

It’s a common misconception that learning through apprenticeships is something aimed at those just starting out in their career, well I’ve been on the job for more than 10 years with Serco and at 38 have just completed an Apprenticeship giving me valuable new skills, updating my existing knowledge and gaining me qualifications. 

I always encourage our existing long term serving staff and our new recruits and to think about apprenticeships as a route to professional development, to talk to their line managers about it and add it to their personal development review plans.”

Ian’s Training and Assessment Officer, Lisa Coleman, worked closely with him to help him achieve his apprenticeship.
Lisa said “Ian has worked really hard to achieve his apprenticeship. When I first met with Ian he was finding it hard to fit course work in with the demands of a busy day job and had considered giving it up. I knew he had the drive to complete and would benefit from a more structured, proactive approach to help him get back on track. I’m really pleased that Ian had the dedication and determination to see it through and I feel very proud that he has now done so. Well done Ian.”