Serco's Apprenticeship Service

What is an Apprenticeship?

Earn while you learn is the term used to best describe an Apprenticeship because it combines paid work with learning that will help an employee achieve a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it. Apprenticeships are not just for people of school leaving age and are designed to be available to as many people as possible – even those already in a job.

The new Apprenticeship Levy promotes this as there is funding set aside for businesses to provide training and development to their employees. This means that employees can continue their jobs and study for an Apprenticeship at the same time.

Serco is an Ofsted Grade 2 registered training provider that could deliver your chosen training and qualifications for your business. Just think of us as the college that comes to the workplace. We take care of it all.


Why invest in Apprentices?

  • Improves the overall workforce productivity, staff motivation and morale.

  • Improves staff loyalty and retention by making staff feel valued.

  • Addresses gaps in skill set by providing on the job vocational training.

  • Can be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff.
  • The training is tailored to the specific needs of the business.


Why Serco?

Serco is an established Apprenticeship training provider and is also;

  • Serco is a registered Ofsted Grade 2 national training provider of Apprenticeships
  • Serco provides a full service – we deliver, support and assess the Apprenticeship qualifications

Choose us as your training provider to deliver, support and assess your employees’ Apprenticeships and choose from a selection of accredited qualifications across a wide range of industries.

Don't just take our word for it

"The real appeal of gaining an NVQ Level 2 qualification through an Apprenticeship is being able to learn while you work and earn. And I don’t have to go to college, yet I get all the support I need, whenever I need it from my Assessor."

Georgia, Serco Apprenticeship Scheme

Find out more from our Apprentices here.


"Engaging with Apprentices has been a great choice for us, we have worked with some talented individuals who have arrived with fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the way we do things. They have not been afraid to ‘get stuck in’ and learn about how our business works, they have taken part in a multitude of tasks and projects and have made a significant contribution in their time with us.

On top of all this, they have gained a useful qualification and valuable experience which will help them in their future career".

Toni Williams, Learning Services Director


"From gaining my Diploma in Business Administration while having the opportunity to work within the HR Shared Service I feel I have gained valuable experience that will help me start my career and hopefully secure a position here at Serco.

I have worked with several teams including; Transitions, Learning and Development, Service Operations and Recruitment. This is experience that I would have never received at my age without the Apprenticeship scheme".

Joanna Smith, Business Administration Diploma - HR Shared Services


"The Apprenticeship scheme has been a really great experience as it has taught me many transferable life skills and helped me to establish what I want to do in the future. If it wasn't for the scheme I believe it would have taken me much longer to achieve my goals and be part of a professional HR service. It has opened up many opportunities for me, for which I am grateful".

Kiran Johal, Business Administration Diploma – HR Shared Services

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