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SSW/R Online Delivery During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How SSW is adapting to meet current challenges

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SSW has adapted delivery of its training provision to continue to support small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SSW’s network of expert delivery partners are now able to offer a wide range of funded training courses through online and distance learning.

This flexibility will allow ‘in-journey’ learners to continue their bespoke training package remotely, where feasible, and enable new-to-programme employers to reap the benefits of upskilling their workforce to adapt to current and future skills needs within their business environment.

Similarly, Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR), is available to employers, individuals at risk of redundancy (via their employer) and individuals that have been made redundant in the last three months. Online, distance and virtual skills training, careers guidance and support to retrain for a new career is available.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Serco is receiving a high number of enquiries relating to Skills Support for the Workforce funding and how this can still be accessed during Covid-19. Some of the FAQ's we have received are listed below. Please get in touch with any additional enquiries.

How can I undertake training whilst social distancing rules are in place?

SSW continues to provide bespoke skills training, tailored to the business' skills needs through online and distance learning methods. Making best use of technologies including; Skype, Zoom, webinars, online distance learning platforms and training portals, means that both new and existing learners can access funded training virtually. 

Can I continue my training whilst on furlough?

Businesses (employers) can still access SSW funding for their employees that are furloughed, subject to normal eligibility rules. However, if the employee’s pay after furlough is less than national minimum wage, the employer would be liable to top up the individual’s pay up to minimum wage for the hours spent training. It will therefore depend on whether the employer is paying the employee 80% or 100% of pay during furlough, and whether the employee is normally paid on or above minimum wage.

Employers wanting to upskill an employee, whether on furlough or not, are advised to learn more about Skills Support for the Workforce in your area. 

For information about the Government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme please visit GOV.UK

How can I enrol onto the programme whilst working from home?

If you are an employer click here to find out more about applying for training through Skills Support for the Workforce in your area. One of our team will get back to you to discuss your needs, or if you are working from home/furloughed you can ask your employer to contact us to discuss the company's training needs.

Each employer enrolled onto the SSW programme benefits from a bespoke Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify any skills gaps in their workforce and tailor training to the business’ needs. This TNA is now conducted virtually (via telephone or a video conference) with your designated Training Provider. Furthermore, Electronic Signatures are acceptable on enrolment paperwork at this time which your training provider will discuss with you. 

If you have been made redundant in the last 3 months contact us through this link and our team will get back to you to discuss your training needs that will support you getting back into work. 

What sort of training and qualifications can be delivered remotely?

As training is bespoke to the needs identified during the Training Needs Analysis, we urge interested employers to get in touch to better understand the range or training packages, both accredited and non-regulated that are available to upskill and reskill the workforce. A Partnership Coordinator will discuss relevant, courses available in your region with you.

There is a diverse choice of training providers and training courses across the LEP regions that we deliver within. Specific courses vary per region and you can access a wealth of training in various sectors, including; Digital Skills, Construction, Health and Social Care, Retail, Business Skills, Leadership and Management, and more. 

Please note: if you have already completed training through the SSW programme (launched in April 2019) you are unable to access training a second time. Please contact us if you are unsure

Will my course or qualification still be accredited?

Yes - We deliver a range of accredited and non-regulated training to facilitate individual learner progression and, if applicable, help to futureproof and bridge the skills gap within the business. We continue to work closely with our network of expert training providers to respond to the operational challenges presented by COVID-19. Our delivery model has been carefully adapted to provide the virtual training to best support SME’s at this time. This includes delivering Skills Support for Redundancy and Skills Support for Home Workers, as well as offering many vocationally relevant qualifications and training via new remote methods. 

Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR)

Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR) is funded, tailored training to support individuals and businesses.

SSR has adapted delivery of its training provision to continue to support individuals who are at risk of redundancy or have been made redundant in the last 3 months, as well as employers who are facing difficult staffing decisions.

A range of skills training, qualifications and networking support will be provided remotely to support individuals to upskill and reskill. Training is bespoke to suit the needs of the employee(s) following a remote Training Needs Analysis. Training could cover, Employability Skills, Functional Skills and/or upskilling for ongoing workplace success in a new role.

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Further Support and Information

Skills Support for the Workforce and Redundancy continues to partner with regional LEPs, Growth Hubs and Business Forums to provide funded skills support to eligible businesses that are facing unprecedented challenges. We have listed sources of information that employers and individuals may find useful at this time. 


If you are looking for business support or guidance, your local Growth Hub is on hand to help and a good first port of call.

Skills Support for the Workforce has partnered with various LEPS (listed below) to support their redundancy and recruitment triage services:



Types of skills training available: 

Funded courses and qualifications are available remotely in a range of subject areas, including:

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