Skills Support for the Workforce

ATB Civil Engineering

Through Skills Support for the Workforce, ATB Civil Engineering were supported to upskill members of the workforce to enable professional growth and development. ATB worked with Essential Site Skills, an expert training provider chosen to deliver skills training under the SSW programme. 

Leigh Bradbury, a founder of ATB Civil Engineering said: 

"Without the funding, we wouldn't have been able to upskill as many employees as we have and as a result, probably wouldn't have won as many tenders as we have done."

How SSW supported ATB Civil Engineering

Leigh Bradbury, a founder of ATB Civil Engineering said: 

With ESS, we put together a Training Needs Analysis which listed our guys and which tickets they had - and what they needed to get. Gradually we ticked each box as we went along and through the funding which is available we have upskilled the guys.

ESS have several different ways of delivering a course which younger people find interesting but also grabs the attention of the older guys who might not want to be in a classroom. 

When company's talk to us about flagship projects, we can now send them our training matrix with lots of ticks in boxes and this is a massive help to us and shows that our guys are qualififed and skilled enough to carry out what's required on site. 

Learn how more business is being won following multi-learner training as well as hear from, Mark Kevern, an employee of the business who is working towards ihs promotion to Supervisor, following funded skills support: