Skills Support for the Workforce

Core Tree Limited

Core Tree Limited was set up in 2013 by Jack  and helps local businesses and organisations to fully utilise their digital marketing. The business is continuing to thrive in Worcestershire and has added social media strategy, content creation and account management to their arsenal. Jack and Georgia already had the technical know-how but management knowledge was a missing piece of the puzzle to drive the business forward.

The challenge

Jack had honed his technical skills during his time at University and in industry, but he did not have any management or leadership knowledge. After taking on his first apprentice, who had then become his first employee, Jack wanted to ensure he had the ability to lead a growing team to drive the company forward. As is the case with many SMEs, one particular challenge Core Tree was facing was not having a training budget set aside so the development of employees can be placed on hold. Jack wanted to ensure the company was proactive in upskilling employees.

How SSW helped

Jack first heard about the Skills Support for the Workforce programme after meeting Tom Holmes from HR Champions at an Expo in Worcestershire. HR Champions is part of Serco’s network of expert organisations chosen to deliver the SSW programme. The training needs analysis highlighted that leadership and management training could really help the business.

Jack also wanted to access the training for his employee, Georgia, as a matter of personal and professional development. Georgia had already completed 2 apprenticeships, but this was her first exposure to the corporate world and she needed some additional training in order to excel.

As SSW is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, both Jack and Georgia were able to access the training at no cost to the business.

The outcome

Jack completed the Level 2 ILM Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills, and then both himself and Georgia undertook the Level 4 ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management. The training was competed in 4 weeks which meant it did not have too much of an impact.

Since completing the training Jack and Georgia have been able to implement a variety of exercises and activities in the business such as conducting an employee annual review.

Jack reported the training has given the business a real boost:

“The 2 courses have given me the confidence as a manager to ensure I’m doing things in the right way and as a business owner to ensure we are doing things to us grow and expand as we wish.

The Individual Mental Toughness section of the Level 4 course was mind blowing. Making the realisation that this is how I work, and seeing the areas for improvement in my own work. Within 2 weeks my productivity went through the roof!”

Please note the training took place pre-COVID.