Skills Support for the Workforce

Jalil Ali Mohammed - Magnum Private Hire

As a taxi driver, Jalal Ali Mohammed, has little access to relevant, vocational training opportunities, so undertaking relevant, vocational training with LETS Academy using SSW funded skills training was an opportunity not to be missed. LETS Academy tailored a course to help drivers at Magnum Private Hire learn about expenses and handling payments from Customers within their employment setting. 

Following completion of the SSW funded skills training offer, Jalil now has a formal functional skills qualification, as well as improved vocational skills having completed non-regulated, bespoke training for his workplace needs. 

Find out how LETS Academy supported Jalil to increase efficiencies at work through a course on effective bookkeeping and increase his confidence through improved communication skills. 

Streamlining processes & building confidence in Stoke & Staffordshire

How SSW supported Jalil

Prior to enrolling onto the programme, Jalil held no formal qualifications to accompany his experience. Jalil jumped at the opportunity to receive training and gain recognised qualifications to better his prospects.

A big barrier to progressing through the programme was Jalil’s confidence in his English functional skills, affecting his confidence to undertake formal training. Jalil worked with a LETS Academy tutor, Tracey Wainwright, to improve his confidence and commenced a Functional Skills in English qualification.

Wanting to improve his understanding of bookkeeping, Jalil said:

“I wanted to speak better English with the Customer and have some good qualification. I got a Functional Skills English qualification which is recognised.”

In addition to on-the-job training, Jalil took part in group discussions and talking in front of a group at the LETS Academy training centre in Stoke-on-Trent. Tutor, Tracey said:

“The learner made great progress throughout the course of his learning, he really excelled and seemed to enjoy the group discussions and learning. He has better communication skills which will help him in his everyday life and his job role when talking to Customers and people at work.

Jalil has achieved increased productivity at work since leaving the project. He is more motivated. By completing the programme of learning, [Jalil] met some required skills for the employer and the industry in which he works”

By gaining a certified qualification, Jalil can progress onto a higher level of English or a different qualification at the same level, e.g. Maths or ICT. His new-found motivation following the SSW programme has inspired Jalil to work towards gaining a further Functional Skills qualification in Maths.