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When colour-blind graphic designer David Archer from Barnsley lost his job, he also lost his confidence and motivation to look for a new one. With support from the Work Programme he regained both and started a new career as Contract Support Co-ordinator.

David from Barnsley had been working as a Graphic Designer for a number of years before joining the Work Programme. The fact that he was made redundant cost David his confidence in his ability to find another job.

The 44 year old had been unemployed for 14 months when he was transferred to WISE Ability, one of Serco’s expert welfare-to-work providers, to support him back into work.

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During David’s first session, his adviser Anna identified that David had lost the motivation to find work, due to the constant knock backs from numerous applications. By developing a certain tunnel vision and belief, it was obvious that David had placed his own barriers into employment.

His previous employer did not see David’s colour-blindness as a problem; however David saw this as a huge barrier and believed he would not be employable because of this. David also had the mind-set that his age was another big barrier and that he had a disadvantage to gaining employment in other areas of work because he believed employers prefer to seek the younger generation over the more mature.

Anna however could see that David had a lot of qualities and experience from his past work history that would be highly sought after by employers; the challenge was to enable David to see this for himself.

Anna had long discussions with David to help him regain his self-confidence and change his perceptions on employers. They set realistic goals and David started applying for different areas of work that his skills could be transferred to. His motivation and confidence gradually improved and this was reflected in the amount, variety and quality of applications David completed.

When a vacancy arose within WISE Ability for a Contract Support Co-ordinator, Anna instantly knew this was the ideal job for David, who is not only highly intelligent, but exceptionally organised as well.

Along with support on submitting an application form, Anna provided a recommendation to the branch manager as she was confident that David was 'the one' for the job.

After several interviews David secured the job with WISE Ability on a full-time permanent basis. Anna said: “I speak for all the team at Barnsley when I say the branch has gained a very valuable team member and the branch would not be the same without David’s constant hard work, effort and organisation skills.

David said: “My proudest moment has to be overcoming my barriers and seeing my own potential. Even though I had been unemployed for a long time, the right support had a positive impact upon my confidence, my ability to apply for different roles and realising that my skills and attributes are indeed highly sought after.”

Anna added: “It is a pleasure to see David thriving since joining the company and I have no doubt he will have a long and successful career with WISE Ability.

“It just goes to show, if you work with your adviser as a team - no matter what your situation - there is always a way. It all depends on which path you choose to take; David chose the right one!”

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