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As a lone parent following the death of his wife, 33 year old Terence from Stoke-on-Trent has been caring fulltime for his two children, one of which has a physical disability and medical condition and requires a lot of support.

Terence was unemployed for over 14 years when he joined the Work Programme with Shaw Trust. Part of Serco’s network of expert welfare-to-work providers, Shaw Trust is the UK’s largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Terence appeared very shy but focused and driven to secure employment in the care industry. He was however concerned that his lack of qualifications, the limitations in the hours he could work due to his childcare commitments and long period of unemployment could impact on him finding a job.

Terence received tailored support with his CV to reflect the type of work he was looking for, as well as interview preparation and basic IT skills. His adviser Alison said “Terence is a proactive job seeker that has shown a wealth of vigour and energy to secure a positive outcome in the industry he was keen to work in”.

Alison said Terence was shocked to have secured a permanent job as Support Worker in the care industry, with the right amount of hours allowing him to continue caring for his children.

Terence, who is very excited about his new role, commented: “My experience with Shaw Trust was very positive and I received all the support I needed to get back into work. The fact that my advisor rang me after interviews, and generally the ongoing support I received, really helped build my confidence.”

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