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Managing complex grant funding programmes

We have expertise in contract management, eligibility requirements, compliance and audit, identifying and administering match funding models and grant investments for SMEs

Grant funding can be accompanied by pre and post investment support services through IDB or intensive business support and advice services.

Grant monies have been secured from a range of sources including European Union funding. A safe and trusted pair of hands for our funders, local and regional government, Serco Enterprise has a 100% clean audit record for this activity and has delivered grants which help businesses:


  • Transform their use of digital technology to gain competitive advantage
  • Diversify into new products or marketing to grow their business including farm diversification projects
  • Expand into overseas markets through exporting
  • Improve resource efficiency through environmental initiatives
  • Access specialist professional advice and consultants
  • Recover from crisis such as flooding and animal welfare issues

Business support contracts with a focus on grant funding...

Superfast Business Cornwall

This service offers a tailored programme of high quality information, advice, digital development and grant funding. It aims to boost business competitiveness through increased understanding and exploitation of digital technology.
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Past contracts

The Rural Diversification Capital Grant 2001-2007 (Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly)

This project directly aligns with Agency’s proposed service as it supported agricultural businesses to diversify into non agricultural activity. This project was an umbrella scheme for Objective One. The aim of the project was to assess proposals, broker in appropriate business support working with partners and appraise applications for capital grants. The project delivered over 5.5 million of EAGGF and DEFRA funding over 7 years. This project was subject to an article 4 audit from GOSW in 2007, which it passed successfully. This project resulted in the assessment of 141 capital grants which sustained 351 jobs and created 187 new jobs and resulted in 35,075 sq meters of successful diversification of 141. It resulted in over 5 million additional sales. In assessing capital grants we were responsible for ensuring cross cutting themes (diversity, ICT and the environment) were addressed and the project financial profiling was robust enough to respond to GOSW N+2 requirements.

RDA South West Emergency Fund (FMD)

This project was up and running in an extremely short time scale. It was an emergency fund from SWRDA to help rural businesses that had been affected by the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the West Country. Business Link Devon & Cornwall ran the grant scheme for the whole of the region i.e. Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucester. The purpose was to provide a package of support services, including grants, to eligible businesses. Grant monies came to approx £8.5 million and, in total, 1,109 grants were processed.

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