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STARS: Serco Training and Recruitment Solutions

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STARS is our bespoke resourcing service where we work with you to meet your complete recruitment needs. Whether you are looking to recruit for one or several types of role, the STARS programme can help.

Looking to fill job vacancies? Want to save time and money? Serco Training and Recruitment Solutions (STARS) can help you do just that. Watch our short video to find out more about how the service works.




Working with the Serco Recruitment and Resourcing Team

  • Save money: our service is completely free to use.
  • Wrap-around support: we help the job seeker with any support they need.
  • Save time: we take the hard work out of the recruitment process.
  • Bespoke: we work with you to meet your business needs.
  • Service you can trust: our values are 'Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride' - shaping the work we do every day. 
  • Future Training: we can support you with any further training to upskill your employees.

Working with the STARS team can help your business with long-term, sustainable employment.

We will undertake targeted pre-employment training to upskill the individual, as well as giving any wrap-around support and provide you with a job-ready pool of candidates that you can meet before deciding on whether you want to interview and hire them.

Once the individual is in role, the STARS team can also assist with any future training needs they, and your existing employees, have.

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Did you know Serco deliver the Restart Scheme in West Central England and Wales? The Restart Scheme supports unemployed individuals to get back into sustainable and meaningful employment.

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At Serco, we work with businesses to help them overcome recruitment challenges and reduce the cost per hire.

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