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Superfast Business Cornwall Success Story - Idenna Creative Agency

10th May 2017 Serco Enterprise

A digital creative agency is looking to expand into global markets after adopting a new online management system with support and funding from Superfast Business Cornwall.

Idenna is a full service creative agency providing a range of digital services from video and photography to copywriting and web design.

The Victoria-based company had been looking at ways of making the business more efficient to free up more time and resources for business development, and turned to Superfast Business Cornwall for help.

Thanks to grant funding and tailored support from the Superfast Business Cornwall team, Idenna has been able to focus on expanding worldwide and is now trading in Dubai with the potential to secure business in the USA.

James Neale, Creative Director of Idenna, said: “This Superfast Business Cornwall project has been a game changer for Idenna, saving time and money while creating an environment where we can be at our creative best.

“By integrating and streamlining sales, production and financial processes, we plan to make cost savings that will be re-invested in job creation and equipment. We will be able to use the time saved to focus on developing staff and resources, which will further increase production capacity, and market our brand even more.”

Working with Superfast Business Cornwall Digital Business Enabler Steve Edwards, Idenna received expert advice on project management and Customer Relationship Management software to implement an integrated cloud-based system with the aim of accelerating business growth through increased production efficiency.

Idenna was also successful in applying for match funding from Superfast Business Cornwall to launch the new online system. The digital software integrates financial processes, time measurement, production process management and resource allocation.

Harnessing the many benefits of this digital technology has helped Idenna streamline its day to day work, enabling the 13-strong team to focus on broadening its reach worldwide.

James added: “Our work with Superfast has allowed us to create more time to develop new opportunities whilst still remaining focused on our core Cornish customers. Their help in making the funding application was invaluable and we found the whole process hassle-free.

“We have recently been commissioned by a client in Dubai to produce three commercial websites which has given us a promising introduction in to the Middle East market. And two international companies based in the USA have contacted us about our expertise in broadcast and social media, having found us online.”

Digital Business Enabler Steve Edwards continues to work with Idenna as the creative agency links more of its office activities to cloud-based software.

To visit the Superfast Business Cornwall website for more information and other examples of how they have made a difference to businesses click here.

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