Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Homeless Charity Gain 3D Printing Skills Through DCUP

7th Oct 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Four staff members of charity The Brick recently completed training in 3D Printing with Digital Careers Upskill Programme training partner 3D 360 and they are now planning to manufacture their future merchandise in-house.

The Brick charity offers a huge range of services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis and provides a safe, solid building block for people in crisis to begin to construct a new life and become valuable members of society.

Colin Stein who attended the 3D 360 course is responsible for future production and utilising digital manufacturing to generate additional revenue for the charity. The branded merchandise consists of The Brick keyrings, trolley tokens and the one-of-a-kind ‘Give Me 5’ collection coin holder.

They also provide skills training to increase employment opportunities, enable people to get back into work and be self-sufficient.

The Brick are now planning to train and educate homeless people in digital manufacturing and improve their chances of employment.

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