Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Elisa improves confidence and knowledge through completing course

31st May 2023 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Elisa was recommended the Internet Marketing in Business course by her employer; it was an area she didn’t have any experience in, however she was reassured that the course was designed for anyone who wanted to learn the subject.

The course delivered by Serco provides learners with knowledge of the role of internet marketing within a modern marketing, more commonly referred to as Digital Marketing within a modern context. The course teaches learners to understand the benefits of digital marketing, and the opportunities for growth that it can deliver for businesses. Elisa had no prior knowledge of marketing, so this course has given her new skills that she can use at work with confidence.

Elisa’s role is as a Junior Relationship Manager which includes capturing and ensuring data entry and data integrity, keeping accurate and detailed customer records, and providing administrative support for customers. Elisa took up the course to develop her skills to enable her to progress her career within the company.

‘I recently completed a digital marketing course with Serco, and I have to say, it was a great experience. The tutors and skill coaches were incredibly kind and helpful throughout the course, always willing to answer any questions I had. Thanks to their guidance, I finally gained some valuable knowledge about marketing and how to apply it in the digital world. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their marketing skills and knowledge.’

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