Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Dog Rescue centre to use new 3D printing skills to help design new rescue site

28th Apr 2023 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Dogs4 Rescue is a ‘Not for Profit’ dog rescue in Manchester which fosters abused street dogs from abroad to rehome them in the UK. Dogs4Rescue wanted to keep up with modern technology and incorporate it within the company.

A member of the team at completed one of our 5-day courses 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) with 3D Printer Build and Operator Level Training with Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Applications for Industry Overview course with training provider 3D360.

Enrolling onto this course via the Digital Careers Upskill Programme has greatly benefitted Dogs4Rescue as it has allowed them to strengthen the diversity of the skills sets within their team.

Dogs4Rescue’s newly found skills have enabled them to use the CAD design skills on the design of a new rescue site that they are hoping to build later this year.

Dogs4Rescue are now also able to use the skills they learnt in 3D printing to produce a variety of items, with plans to print dog toys and even dog wheelchairs for disabled dogs in the future using a 3D printer.

When asked for feedback on the course Frankie replied

“The staff member felt valued as an employee for being selected to go on this course, raising morale and productivity”

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