Digital Careers Upskill Programme

How can a business utilise Software Development skills and how can a Software Developer support a business?

29th Jul 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Software Development is the process of designing, programming, building and maintaining software to create solutions and provide businesses with personalised software that supports their business goals.

Software Development can support a business to:

  • create tailored software that meets the business’ needs,
  • scale their business efficiently with the help of their own software,
  • create a productive environment where teams have everything they need to complete their jobs,
  • create software to sell to other businesses,
  • minimise financial losses.

Where can implementing a Software Developer role support a business further?

The role can:

  • drive growth and sustainability through tailored tools,
  • save time and money through knowledge of what works,
  • improve efficiency,
  • support with scaling a business,
  • continue evolving and developing.

Whether you’re looking to get started as a Software Developer or a business wanting to upskill an existing team member with an interest in IT, the Digital Careers Upskill Programme offers fully-funded training in digital skills for employed adults and businesses in Greater Manchester.

The course is delivered via a blend of online learning and classroom training, offering flexibility around business and work commitments. Digital Careers Upskill Programme has three key benefits:

  • it’s fully-funded through Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the European Social Fund, which means you don’t pay anything,
  • it’s flexible so it can work around you and your commitments,
  • it’s a Level 3 Microsoft-accredited course.

To find out more about the courses we offer, fill out the contact form here and a member of the team will get in touch with you.

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