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The providers listed below deliver support through the Inspiring Families Programme in Greenwich. You can use the information provided to contact them directly for a confidential chat or if you would like us to help you find a provider please make an enquiry.


Twin is an education and training provider established for more than 20 years, supporting both UK and International learners. We find work for people of all ages from 16+, from any background, helping them address and overcome their challenges in gaining employment, even when they don’t believe they can. A number of things set Twin apart from some similar providers:

  • It’s a family business, started in a house bedroom, led and owned by Twin sisters who have lived all their adult lives in the communities they serve – no big shareholders to keep happy
  • It combines this family ethos with a clear focus on performance, frequently topping league tables for finding work.
  • If you’re a Twin customer, we see you as an individual and match you with a named key worker who stays with you through your journey into work, but you are also supported by a team of experts including Outreach workers to meet where customers choose to be and an Employer Engagement team who devote their whole time to networking into job opportunities, before they are advertised, to get you the interviews you often can’t win alone.
  • Our work with international learners means Twin is experienced in and comfortable with literally the whole world of diversity, from many cultures, from very young people right up through the ages


You can be confident of Twin’s services even if you’ve never heard of us, because we are inspected, funded or accredited by education inspectors (British Council and Independent Schools Inspectorate, Ofsted), British Government (Department for Work and Pensions or DWP) and specialist Government and other agencies like the Skills Funding Agency, the European Social Fund and Investors In People.

If you want to work, Twin wants to help – and we can!

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