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Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship - Now Available

27th May 2021 Serco Education

Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship: Register your interest for a September start.

Teaching Assistants build happy purposeful relationships with a range of stakeholders inside and outside of the school.  They play an essential role in the team, contributing their skills towards helping pupils grow, learn and develop into productive members of the community.

Serco Education has expanded their school-based apprenticeships and are now offering an apprenticeship solely for the development of existing or aspiring Teaching Assistants.  Our Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship offers vital tools and training for those who are involved in the teaching and learning in primary, secondary and special education environments.

The Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship offers the perfect opportunity to enhance the knowledge skills and behaviours needed to provide excellent support in teaching and learning and is the ideal way to further your career in education.

The next cohort is planned to start during September 2021 and for more information or to register your interest please visit our website here.

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