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Enhancing Productivity through the Online Office

12th May 2020 Skills Support for the Workforce

Did you know, your business, regardless of size, can take advantage of online suites to streamline processes and improve productivity. The businesses that we work with are having to work remotely out of necessity currently. Online productivity suites (you may of heard of Microsoft 365, Google’s G Suite or open source alternatives) can support you to automate office tasks and consolidate word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email, video meetings and social media tools to enhance the ways in which employees can collaborate.

Available via the cloud, these suites allow for allow for productivity wherever you can access the internet on any device. Additionally, the confines of needing a physical ‘open office’ are expanded through the online office to allow for increased employee and external collaboration from any location, at any time.

By automating key business tasks, you are streamlining core office functions creating several productivity savings. For example, you could incorporate project management software to help teams to keep track of work and reduce the need for meetings. Likewise, integrating your accounting software to streamline processes could save someone hours of data entry from your system direct into a report or spreadsheet.

Some key considerations when choosing the right productivity package for your SME’s needs, include affordability and subscription level, data and cyber security requiements, and ongoing technical support availability.

Depending on requirement, incorporating productivity software takes some digital skill. Skills Support for the Workforce delivers funded, tailored skills support to small to medium sized businesses in 16 regions across England.

This means, the first step could be to brush up on your digital skills for business to help you discover the art of the possible for getting your business fully online.

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