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Jacob describes his experience of education at HMP Dovegate as second to none

Jacob is currently serving 13 years at HMP Dovegate. Jacob is studying for a BSc (Hons) in Sport, Fitness and Coaching, and is about to start his 2nd year of study.

What has your education experience been like so far?

“My education has been second to none. I would encourage anyone who is at Dovegate to speak to Anna-Marie about education.”

Can you tell me about the new skills you have learnt?

“I have improved my confidence, goal setting, planning, preparing, studying, learning to speak and ask for help, and my computer confidence. I will use the tools and skills I’ve learnt to be more social in the future.”

How is your relationship with your tutor/Serco Staff?

“My relationship is brilliant with all. Anna-Marie is appreciated for all she does and has done to help guide and support myself and the other learners.”

How do you feel Dovegate compares with previous educational experiences that you’ve had before?

“The education suite is very good for all educational courses and the staff are very helpful as well.”

Have you experienced any positive changes in your outlook in life?

“Yes, I now have goals and plans for the future. I did not finish school, so as a prisoner to be on my way to gaining a degree is super cool and is not something I thought I would be doing at the start of my journey. I am very positive for now and the future.”

What do you think Serco is doing well in terms of supporting prisoners’ from an educational perspective?

“Serco are doing well in helping guide, advise, prepare, and engage in education, with staff like Anna-Marie making this possible. I appreciate everything she and Serco does for me.”

What are your long term goals?

My long-term goals are to gain a degree in Sports, Coaching and Fitness. I am set up for employment upon release within a sports setting. The degree will open opportunities for job roles to be available for myself in the future.