Restart Scheme

A recipe for success, Sophie’s cooking up a storm in her new job

21st Oct 2021 Restart Scheme

Desperate to return to the sector she loved, Sophie*, a Culinary Arts Chef, wanted to put her niche skillset and passion for recipe development to good use. 

However, with many positions reserved for furloughed workers who were returning to work due to the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme, Sophie’s job search was crumbling.

Queue her introduction to Khaleal Willis, her Remploy Job Coach on the Restart Scheme: 

Quality Ingredients: 

  • Participant: Khaleal recognised that Sophie’s passion for veganism, coupled with her Culinary Arts degree, is what really makes her CV sizzle 

  • Job Coach: Wanting Sophie to receive a meaty job offer, Remploy’s employer engagement team set to work opening a dialogue with local restaurateurs; whilst Khaleal completed a needs assessment with Sophie to better understand any pre-employment training gaps 

  • Local Employers: Restaurants, in desperate need of skilled staff like Sophie, were finding the burden to recruit during a recovery period to be challenge, but the Restart Scheme created an easy pathway for them to source, interview and onboard Sophie, at no cost 


Preparation Time: 

  • With a pinch of optimism, Sophie undertook pre-employment training to help her showcase her experience within an application, and interview skills training to then impress employers  

  • Meanwhile, Remploy’s employer engagement team sifted an opportunity within a local vegan café. With Sophie’s passion for veganism, the perfect combination was found 


Serving Up Perfection: 

  • Café Manager, Lisa* met with Sophie and the two discussed her abilities, inspiring Lisa and showcasing Sophie’s experience 

  • Impressed by her skill and enthusiasm, Lisa offered Sophie a formal offer to start the very next week 

  • Sophie is now blending her skill for food artistry and technique, with her degree in culinary management, and brimming with excitement for her career ahead  



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