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12th Jan 2022 Restart Scheme

"I am now enjoying my dream career and can live without money worries.”

With a passion for helping others and keen for a long-term professional career, Chloe says she wanted to break into the third sector and had big plans to eventually start up her own social enterprise. But after two years of unemployment and with dwindling finances putting pressure on her job search, she wondered if she had what it would take. 

10th Jan 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme supports Salvadorian refugee to build a better life for his family

Ex-business owner, Victor, used to run a coffee shop back in El Salvador, but was forced to flee his home country due to violence. With limited English, Victor struggled to find work and found himself unemployed for nearly two years. Victor was committed to not letting his situation define him. Instead, he contacted his local job centre to see what support was available. 

21st Dec 2021 Restart Scheme

“It will be a good Christmas this year” for Cardiff warehousing worker

With Restart Scheme pre-employability support and funding to cover travel expenses, Owen was able to broaden his job search area and secure work. He is now optimistic about the future: “It will be a good Christmas this year! I am really enjoying my new role and I’m hoping some of my friends will also be able to find similar work too soon.” 

16th Dec 2021 Restart Scheme

Ben, an autistic adult with Asperger Syndrome secures a role within a Hereford legal firm

Ben*, an autistic adult with Asperger Syndrome, struggled to communicate his abilities at interview stage and as a result had been unemployed for 18-months. This had knocked his confidence and meant he was applying for roles that wouldn’t challenge him. With Julia, his Job Coach's support, Ben has landed a position in a reputable legal firm in Hereford and is looking forward to progressing his career. 

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