Restart Scheme

Bridging the gap for job seekers


Our stakeholders are an integral part of the solution to help Participants back into employment.

We work with wrap around services in Wales and West Central England to minimise the duplication of provision and offer local referral routes for the job seekers who we are passionate about supporting.

There are two benefits to this approach. Our lasting relationships, built on shared intelligence, help inform policy, funding and provision needs, now and in the future. 

And our oversight of local priorities, means we can intelligently connect service providers so they offer a joined-up approach to delivery, with shared outcomes, that job seekers otherwise would not have access to.

If you represent a public or private sector organisation in Wales or West Central England, talk to us about how the services you offer could be integrated into our Restart Scheme offer.

For example, you could have a service that offers job seekers support to break down the barriers they face such as debt advice, access to free broadband, funded training, or more. 

Collectively, we can make a difference to the job seekers who we are passionate about supporting.

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How we can work together 

Be part of the conversation 

Connecting decision makers with service providers who have strong community ties, means our insight informs the provision needed to solve localised unemployment challenges. 

Our monthly local engagement meetings provide a forum for organisations to come together to share local priority activities and service integration. The meetings actively support the principle of localism and improve partnership working to ensure a better, well-rounded service for our Participants.  

Get in touch if you would like join the meeting. 

Introduce your service to our Supply Chain

Co-hosted with a range of organisations, our 'Meet the Provider’ events are a great opportunity for you to raise awareness of your services across our Supply Chain. The sessions cover a range of challenges that Participants may be facing, and give our Supply Chain the chance to find out what additional help is available in the local community. It is a great place for you to interact and find collective solutions, so together we can all support people back into work. 

We are always looking to build our network of organisations, both large and small, so get in touch with the team and let’s work together to challenge unemployment.

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