Restart Scheme

Overcome recruitment challenges


Reduce recruitment and ongoing training costs

We work with businesses in Wales and the West Midlands to overcome recruitment challenges and reduce the cost per hire. If you want to benefit from our fully-funded service to bring a pool of suitable candidates with the skills you need through your door, get in touch today

We'll also talk you through gaining access to post-employment support, including career progression training at no cost, so new hires and existing staff stay highly motivated in their role and able to deliver on their objectives.  

Find suitable candidates looking for long-term roles 

We know it can be expensive and time-consuming to find the right people for your business. But it doesn't matter whether they are for the shop floor or skilled professionals, we will work with you to match candidates to your needs. 

Our service is tailor made to your business, so whether you are a large or small employer, we can help. Because making sure people are job ready is what we do, means you can focus on growth and profit. 

Reimagine recruitment and contact us today

Our employment team will work with you to provide a tailored, fully-funded recruitment service which gives you access to a pool of suitable candidates that have been developed to meet your business needs.

It includes pre-screening of suitable candidates, arranging recruitment days, company specific training to ensure candidates are ready to work for you and post-employment support including career progression training.

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Take advantage of our funded service

Step 1: We meet with you to better understand your business objectives and hiring needs  

  • We will get to you know your business so we can match you with candidates that we've developed to provide the best fit, so they add value from day one
  • The Restart Scheme is funded meaning it's no-cost and obligation-free

Step 2: We setup Meet the Employer and Insight sessions for potential hires 

  • We do all the hard work of setting expectations and getting candidates ready for work in your business and sector
  • This means a happier workforce and reduced staff turnover

Step 3: We source, sift, and train candidates to bring a pool of suitable skills to selection days 

  • We work with our partners to make sure candidates have the relevant skills required before assessing and putting them through the recruitment process
  • Benefit from a pool of suitable candidates to choose from during selection

Step 4: We provide additional experienced resource to support the interview process 

  • We can remove the repetitive administration of onboarding new starters by facilitating group interviews and pre-employment assessments
  • Receive additional experienced resource and expertise to support your needs

Step 5: Our support doesn’t stop when the candidate starts! 

  • We offer further support to ensure your business has the employee skillsets it needs to flourish and keep your workforce engaged and happy 
  • We can work with partners and Seco-led services to train existing staff too

Meet the team - Wales

Claire Lane - Employer Engagement Manager

I have worked in recruitment and employability for 17 years and I still love it as much as the day I joined. It is a privilege to be playing a part in the Restart Scheme and helping people find their next role. And finding innovative solutions to support our Participants into sustainable, long-term employment is what I am passionate about. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business. 

Dan Bennett -  Employer Engagement Coordinator (North Wales)

I have over six years of experience in the employability sector, helping people into sustainable work. For me, the opportunity to help services and employers collaborate and change the lives of individuals is the future. 

Emma Wood – Employer Engagement Coordinator (South West Wales) 

Since graduating in 1998 I have worked in recruitment and employability because I want to support people into work. From experience many face various challenges, such as disabilities, and I want to make a difference every day. 

Julie Donoghue – Employer Engagement Coordinator 

With experience working in recruitment and training in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, call centres and construction, I look forward to supporting employers with their recruitment needs and helping Restart Scheme Participants into sustainable employment.

Meet the team – West Central

Tom Beard - Employer Engagement Manager 

With experience of working in Welfare to Work and a proven track record of building sustainable relationships, I am passionate about working with employers to create tailored solutions that suits their business needs. My team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector and together with our trusted supply chain partners, we will reduce the challenges of recruitment. Get in touch with my team to find out how we could help you. 

Sue Gaskell - Employer Engagement Coordinator (Black Country, Shropshire and Telford)

I have been in the Welfare to Work industry for over 23 years and have bult up a huge amount of knowledge and experience of working with employers in a variety of sectors. 

Yasmin Brotherson – Employer Engagement Coordinator (Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry)

I have five years of experience in employability and recruitment, covering various sectors including healthcare, IT, warehousing, retail and hospitality.  

Beth Pitt – Employer Engagement Coordinator (Hereford and Worcestershire)

I have extensive experience in building strong working relationships. I am excited to be working on the Restart Scheme, supporting employers and working with them to achieve their recruitment goals. 

Gemma Walsh – Employer Engagement Coordinator 

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Welfare-to-Work sector and the fast paced, high pressure recruitment sector. I take a pragmatic and inclusive approach to my workload.

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