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Serco Restart Scheme and Hilton Hotel work together to create job success in Cardiff

20th Jun 2024 Restart Scheme

Since the end of 2023, Serco Restart Scheme Employer Engagement Manager, Hannah Monaghan, has been working with the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff to fulfil a number of vacancies in different areas of the business.

Abi’s Journey towards her dream job

During COVID-19, Abi was caring for her mother which made it difficult for her to find work that was flexible. Once referred to the Restart Scheme Abi’s Job Coach went through lots of questions with her to determine what roles she would be interested in doing, previous roles she’d worked, and really got to know Abi as a person to find out which roles would suit her. At the same time as looking for a job, Abi was also studying painting, decorating and carpentry and in her first year at Barry College, she achieved a distinction. Abi is currently in her second year at Cardiff College, now focusing on her painting and decorating qualification.

Although aware of the apprenticeship opportunities available in this field, as a mother of a young child, the hours required did not suit Abi’s caring responsibilities and were not very adaptable.

Hannah was aware of Abi studying decorating at college, and put her forward for a role as a Decorator at Hilton Hotel in Cardiff. After a video call between the two, Abi met the recruiting manager at Hilton for an interview and was immediately offered the role.

Since joining the company in March this year, Abi has been involved in large restoration projects, as well as supporting the maintenance team. Abi says that seeing the job that she’s done gives her great satisfaction and she enjoys being part of a lovely team in a friendly environment.

Since gaining employment, the Serco Restart Scheme in-work support team have been in contact with Abi, to make sure that everything is going well with her role. Abi has had financial support with the first month of childcare, giving her the security of knowing she wasn’t behind with any bills and was able to go to work without that worry. Abi said:

“To be given this opportunity is amazing. I have just passed my final exam, but I'm still in college, I never thought I'd get this role as I'm not yet qualified. For me to be here doing what I love is amazing for me.”

Embracing new talents and building futures with the Restart Scheme

Richard Robbins, Hospitality Manager at Cardiff Hilton Hotel has been working with Hannah. Richard said:

“In the short space of time I've worked with Hannah it has been great. Working with the Restart Scheme has made the recruitment process a lot more seamless as it can be a lengthy process. Being able to reach out to Hannah with a job opportunity and to immediately get candidates through and to know the people can be as good as Abi, it’s a very good start to what will be a long-term relationship of finding more people for roles.”

To understand the requirements for the roles available at Hilton, Richard explained how he’s not always looking for someone who's got lots of experience in the hospitality sector. The candidates could come from a different background, as long as they've got that personality and that willingness to learn.

Richard believes it's extra special to tell stories of people without industry experience, that have built a future in an industry where you have many different job opportunities. There are not many industries other than hospitality where there are a variety of job roles available e.g. sales, painting and decorating, customer service, food and beverage etc.

During COVID-19, the hospitality industry lost a lot of good people, and being able to bring fresh blood into the industry, no matter on their background, is the way forward. Richard said:

“People can start a new career and really run with it and that's what hospitality needs at the moment is that enthusiasm in hospitality because there are so many people leaving it, but actually, it's a very rewarding industry.”

Hannah and Richard are continuing to work together to fulfil job roles at Hilton in other areas of the business.

“I am grateful for the opportunities that the Hilton are presenting for our participants, and I am super excited for future success stories!” – Hannah Monaghan, Employer Engagement Manager.

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