Restart Scheme

Adam secures work at a Midlands poultry enterprise and prepares to fly the nest

15th Oct 2021 Restart Scheme

In 2020, Adam* found himself in the same position as 800,000 other UK workers who were made redundant due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He collected his final pay cheque and faced the insecurity of having to juggle paying for his bills.  

He applied for job after job but as he hadn’t needed to polish his interview technique in recent years, he found himself lacking at interview stage and his self-confidence dwindled.  

In August 2021, eager to take up the funded interview skills training on offer, Adam met Tabitha, his Job Coach at Standguide Group, and jumped at the chance to complete additional employability training to improve his chances. Following months of unemployment, the cost of travel to and from training proved a financial stretch and Tabitha arranged for his travel expenses to be covered.  

In less than a month, self-starter Adam had whizzed through; a CV-building workshop, training on effective job search techniques, interview skills training and mock interview coaching sessions.  

Tabitha sourced local employers who were offering practical and fast paced roles to suit Adam’s personality and he was invited to interview at a recycling plant. Unfortunately, he was not the successful candidate but his training had paid-off. The recycling plant were impressed by the potential he communicated during his interview and he was offered an Apprenticeship, when one was next available. 

Adam was keen not to lose this renewed momentum, so he attended skills refresher training and a work route planning session. A Bilston-based poultry processing plant was hiring for a Food Operative just around the corner from his house. He shone in the interview, securing the job on a full-time, regular hours contract.  

With 600 employees and a turnover of £110 million, Adam’s new role promises job security and career progression. He’s looking forward to flying the nest and being independent, but first he is saving for his own car and is looking forward to driving himself to work each morning. 


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