Restart Scheme

After 8 years of unemployment, Restart Scheme helps single mum back into work

27th Jul 2022 Restart Scheme

Being unemployed for many years had left Yasmin* feeling low. She had been suffering from mental health problems and had gone through legal cases with social services due to mistreatment from her ex-partner. As a single mum with two children to care for, she was facing challenges both financially and emotionally.

When Yasmin’s Job Centre Job Coach told her about the Restart Scheme, she was apprehensive at first as she didn’t know what to expect. She had low motivation and very little confidence in her abilities after being out of work for so long.  Meeting her Restart Scheme Advisor from Pathway Group – Alia Begum – there was an instant connection, and a friendship was formed. Alia worked with Yasmin to help her see how things could be much better for her and after years of self-doubt, Yasmin could feel her confidence building and she started to enjoy her meetings with Alia. Over time, she started to believe in herself and her abilities. They worked on transferable skills and Yasmin attended several job fairs and job search clubs.

With no access to a laptop, Yasmin struggled to complete 2 exams that were required for a job application. Fortunately, Alia was able to help and loaned a laptop to Yasmin. The laptop loan proved to be successful, as after taking the exams, Yasmin was offered the position. Furthermore, the job is home-based which fits around Yasmin’s childcare responsibilities. 

Alia regularly keeps in touch with Yasmin to make sure she’s enjoying the job and has let her know she is there if she needs any additional support. Yasmin is now on the path to starting a new life with her two children.

“I cannot thank her [Alia] enough for her wise words. Because of this I started to believe in myself and my ability and I knew I could do anything if I put my heart, mind and soul into it.

I would definitely recommend Restart scheme. They surpassed my expectations. Thank you guys!”


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