Restart Scheme

Age was no barrier for David in getting a job through the Restart Scheme

18th Oct 2022 Restart Scheme

When David joined the Restart Scheme, he wasn’t very happy about it as he didn’t believe it would be any different to other job search programme he had attended in the past. David had issues with his personal life, he was older, his wife was ill and then whilst on the Restart Scheme, a close family member passed away.

David had previous work experience as a Labourer, Cleaner and as a Car Valet. When he met his Job Coach, Sammy Najimaldin from Serco, Sammy spent time with David to update his CV. Then once updated, he helped David upload his CV onto various job sites and printed it out to hand into local companies. Sammy also helped David with building back his confidence from being out of work for a while. 

Sammy spent time building a strong bond with David as he knew he was having issues at home. He made sure that he called him regularly to check in and see how David was doing and showed him that even though David was having a tough time, Sammy was there for him to depend on. 

David persevered with the Restart Scheme and as he entered his final month of the Scheme, he told Sammy that he was desperate to work as he wanted to make positive changes in his life. Hannah Monaghan, Employment Engagement Coordinator for the Restart Scheme stepped in and contacted an employer that she had been working with. It was a cleaning role which was perfect for David. The Restart Scheme also helped with support for DBS Certificate check which was required for the role. After an interview, David received that great news that he had secured the role as a part-time cleaner!

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