Restart Scheme

Back to work after 17 years and a promotion on the horizon

15th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

Caring duties meant Amber* had been out of the workforce for 17 years and felt unconfident, left behind and unsure of where to start on her job search. 

Having been introduced to Seetec Pluss, she enrolled onto its Job Club where she was able to share her experiences and gain group support from other job seekers in a similar position to herself. The sessions also gave Amber practical and up-to-date knowledge, and skills in time management so she could be competitive in today’s market, as well as digital job searching.  

With a large break between employment, Amber worked with her Job Coach, Christina, to define the transferable skills she’d honed through her childcare experience and developed a strong CV.  

This focused approach paid off as Amber was invited to interview for a part time role at a local B&M store. She knew she had the right transferable skills for the role, but she was quite nervous given it was her first interview in so long. So, she made the most of mock interviews to increase her confidence and make sure she was ready.  

Amber impressed at the interview and secured the role. Knowing she would need extra support to help her settle back into working life, Christina kept in regular contact and was a pillar of support when Amber needed it.  

And the story doesn’t end there. Amber’s new employer has been so impressed, she is being considered for a promotion to Supervisor! 

Christina sums it up: “I am so proud of everything Amber has achieved!" 


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