Restart Scheme

Taking a bite of success into first ever job with support from the Restart Scheme

10th Aug 2022 Restart Scheme

Jeremy* began his journey with the Restart Scheme in May this year, after struggling to find work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was referred to PeoplePlus and met with his Employment Advisor – Sian. Sian discovered that Jeremy had never had a job before. He has a learning disability and is unable to read or write. This was proving a big disadvantage for Jeremy when trying to find a job.

Jeremy was desperately hoping to get a job but struggled with IT skills; he needed this to search and apply for jobs online. Instead, he had been going out daily to hand his CV into local shops and hospitality venues, but to no avail.

With Jeremy’s permission, Sian set Jeremy up on various job websites and sent his CV to potential employers. Within just 2 weeks, Jeremy was invited to an interview – a role that Sian had applied for on his behalf. 

As Jeremy had never had a job interview before, Sian was there to help him with hints and tips to ensure he was prepared. The day came and the interview went well as Jeremy was offered the job – his first ever job! He commenced employment the following week as a Deli Assistant in a fast-food restaurant.

Jeremy said:

"I’m really enjoying my new job, my mum and all my family are so so proud of me.”


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