Restart Scheme

Callum accesses work through the Restart Scheme

31st Oct 2023 Restart Scheme

Callum has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. Although he can walk a very short distance with support, all his limbs are affected in some way which makes his job search difficult. Joining the Restart Scheme, Callum worked with his Job Coach Ella Sanders to find a role that would be suitable for his circumstances.

Callum had always aspired to work in Administration but along with health, another limitation he had was effective transport to work. The wheelchair that he uses doesn’t have brakes, so although he was willing to travel within reason, it made travelling on public transport unsafe. Travelling via taxi wasn’t an option either due to the high cost, and many taxi companies do not accommodate for wheelchair users.

Working with Ella, Callum was able to secure a job working for the Department of Work and Pensions in Dudley within the Disability and Mobility Department. With advice from Ella, Callum discovered that he could apply for an Access to Work grant, a publicly funded employment support programme that helps disabled people start or stay in work. Access to Work will help Callum with transport support to and from work.

Callum has also recently attended two information sessions in Equality and Diversity and Emotional Intelligence which he felt would be beneficial to him in his new role. The Restart Scheme team also provided Callum with a new wheelchair with the functionality he needed to give him the independence he had been lacking for so long.

Callum expressed his gratitude for the support he received through the Restart Scheme and said it has changed his perspective on the future completely.


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