Restart Scheme

Changing sectors and overcoming interview trepidation with the Restart Scheme

2nd Feb 2022 Restart Scheme

After finding himself unemployed for the first time in 20 years due to a health condition, Cameron* was now on the road to recovery and ready to get back into work. Unsure about how to disclose his health condition during an interview coupled with not having attended an interview for over two decades, meant that Cameron was overwhelmed by the intricacies of the recruitment process.  

As a fully qualified Electrical Engineer, Cameron had experience in both commercial and industrial work. But, craving a new challenge, his aim was to utilise his qualifications and experience to transfer to a role in the Warehousing sector. 

In order to achieve this, Suky, Cameron’s Job Coach at Pilot IMS, worked with Cameron to put a plan in place which would help him get back into work. The first step was pre-employability coaching which helped Cameron to update his CV and identify his transferable skills. Then Suky supported Cameron with online job searching and cover letter writing so he was confident applying for jobs.    

Suky heard a local company was recruiting for a full-time Warehouse Operative which was exactly what Cameron was looking for, and better still, the job would be within walking distance of his house. Cameron was keen to apply so Suky helped him with his application. 

When he was subsequently invited to interview, Suky supported Cameron with coping strategies and interview preparation to manage his nerves. With help from ‘Suited for Success’, Cameron was also able to access smart clothing and shoes for the interview which meant he could look the part.

The hiring manager was so impressed with Cameron’s professionalism and smart appearance, he was offered the role. Further support was provided by Pilot IMS who helped Cameron to complete the onboarding process and furnished him with work boots, hi-viz and gloves so he could start his new role. 

Cameron is settling well into his role and has followed up with Pilot IMS about the support offered by Suky, his Job Coach on the Restart Scheme: “Cameron is grateful of the support and the intensity and speed of the employment coach and the Restart Scheme. He believes that without the support offered, he could not have moved into employment as quickly as this by himself.” 


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