Restart Scheme

Cody hits the jackpot in his hometown thanks to the Restart Scheme

15th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

When he was referred onto the Restart Scheme, frustration and anxiety had affected Cody’s* behaviour to such an extent he was asked by his parents to move into his Grandparents home to ‘cool off’. At this point, he recognised having a job would help him get his life on track, but with no employment background and little confidence, he was finding it difficult to see a way forward.  

During his first meeting with his Job Coach, Loretta, from Seetec Pluss, Cody mulled over a career in engineering or electronics but worried about his lack of experience. He didn’t think he had much to offer at all, until a transferable skills workshop he attended highlighted many sought-after characteristics. It was a lightbulb moment which made Cody committed to finding a role that would hold his interest and enable him to move back into his family home in Birmingham.  

One of the Employer Engagement team with business links in the city ran a job matching session and really captured Cody’s attention with a Trainee Croupier role. He was determined to secure an interview so worked with Loretta to tailor and dispatch his CV and cover letter to do just that. They then worked together to research the business, practice his interview skills, and gain insider knowledge from another one of Loretta’s colleagues, an ex-Croupier Trainer.  

Loretta says: “When Cody told me he had got the job, we all cheered over the phone to congratulate him. We gave him vouchers for a uniform and travel pass whilst he waited for his first pay cheque. And he is really enjoying the work. All the team feel great helping people they care about, and Cody reciprocated our positive energy with enthusiasm and true dedication. To top it off, I spoke to his Mum who thanked me for the support we had provided.”  


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