Restart Scheme

From homeless to employed

10th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

Christopher had been homeless and unemployed for over a year when he was referred onto the Restart Scheme. Without a permanent address employers were not giving him a second look. As a result and with the weather getting colder, Christopher was looking for support. 

To get Christopher back on his feet, his Serco Job Coach, Vicky, quickly got to work helping him to find accommodation and access benefits. Now with an address and financial support, his chances of gaining employment had been improved as well as making him feel more secure and positive.

After getting to know Christopher’s skills and experience, Vicky found a Factory Operative job at a large food production company. Christopher couldn’t quite believe his luck when was offered an interview. Despite looking forward to his first day, Christopher realised he didn't have any appropriate shoes to wear. Vicky arranged for funding to buy new shoes and to cover his travel costs.

Being offered the job on the spot took Christopher by surprise and he was amazed at how quickly he had been supported to completely turn his life around. Who better to explain than Christopher himself:

"I am so pleased with my new job and I have never been so happy. I was in the gutter and I am now proof things can work out for everyone. Without the support of the Restart Scheme I would not be in the situation I am. Vicky has helped me through the worst moment in my life. I am so grateful for the help.”

With a new job and a place to live Christopher is looking forward to celebrating Christmas and starting the new year on a high. 

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