Restart Scheme

Homeless man supported back into work thanks to the Restart Scheme

28th Jan 2022 Restart Scheme


Kyle* was referred onto the Restart Scheme after struggling to find work for over a year. During this period, Kyle had also become homeless and had been living in a tent. Living in a tent during the winter months meant Kyle faced many challenges, especially when looking for work.  

Kyle met with Sian, his Job Coach at PeoplePlus, and expressed to Sian that his dream job would be working in the hospitality sector. Having reviewed his CV, Sian could see that Kyle had all the skills necessary to successfully apply and be invited to interviews within this sector. 

Determined to find work, Kyle made the most of his time on the Restart Scheme by using his face-to-face meetings to apply for jobs, have his CV checked and also to charge his phone so that he was always available should he be invited to attend an interview. This meant that when a full-time Kitchen Assistant job came up at a local hotel, Kyle was ready.  

Kyle was successful at the interview and started his new job after just six weeks on the Restart Scheme. He is receiving support with housing and being on a full-time salary will help Kyle to find a permanent place to live.  

The PeoplePlus team are delighted with the outcome: “We hope you enjoy your new role, Kyle, and wish you the best of luck!” 


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