Restart Scheme

"I am now enjoying my dream career and can live without money worries.”

12th Jan 2022 Restart Scheme

With a passion for helping others and keen for a long-term professional career, Chloe says she wanted to break into the third sector and had big plans to eventually start up her own social enterprise. But after two years of unemployment and with dwindling finances putting pressure on her job search, she wondered if she had what it would take.

To make Chloe’s job search feel less overwhelming, Delano, her Job Coach at Groundwork, a delivery partner on the Restart Scheme, broke it down into a series of small, manageable steps:

Step 1: Polishing her CV 

“My Job Coach was a motivation in my progress and gave me self confidence in altering my job searches to aim for higher/more challenging roles”

Chloe knew her lack of relevant experience was holding her back but she did not realise how many of her existing skills were actually transferable. Delano helped her to change the focus of her CV so that it really showcased these skills and allowed her to apply for relevant positions. 

Step 2: Recharging the job search

“I took part in an interview training workshop to develop my interview techniques.  I attended various job clubs where I was able to apply for a number of job roles online on jobsite and via the Restart Scheme Participant Portal.”

With a new CV, Chloe was ready to get back on the job search. As the sheer number of job sites can be overwhelming, Chloe was coached on how to make best use of the Restart Scheme Participant Portal, an online, one-stop shop for all local jobs. Delano taught Chloe how to use keywords effectively to reveal other job roles that she may have otherwise missed. In addition, Chloe attended developmental training to support her CV.

Step 3: Getting interview ready

“The guidance was clear and incredibly informative, I felt with pointers, I was able to fully prepare for the interview and feel confident in my knowledge of the role I was interviewing for.”

Even the most confident person can find job interviews daunting. So, Chloe undertook training to refine her interview technique and gain constructive feedback on where she was perhaps failing in the past. 

Step 4: Success

“Having a full-time job will now allow me to have financial stability and also live comfortably without money worries.”

When an opportunity came up at Groundwork, Chloe was the first to know. Feeling fully prepared and confident, she aced the interview and was offered the job as a Progression Coach: 

"I am excited for what the future holds as I will be able to make the most of my passion for philanthropy and gain networking skills which will put me in good stead for eventually running my own social enterprise organisation. I can’t thank my Job Coach enough for all the help, determination, and proactive action they have taken to help me gain employment. 

The Restart Scheme is an amazing way to get back into the working world after being out of employment for so long.”

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