Restart Scheme

Ian finds work through the Restart Scheme after a knock of confidence

25th Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

Ian had difficulties in speaking due to having throat surgery. He had been living in supported accommodation and was lacking in confidence with his job search as he perceived his age would be a barrier to him finding work. His Job Coach, Adil Mahmood from Reed in Partnership, reassured him that his difficulties speaking and age wouldn’t hold him back and helped him with job applications, phone calls to companies and updating his CV. He also held 1-2-1 sessions with Ian to help build up his confidence and support with interview techniques.

Adil worked with his colleagues to find a job that would be suitable for Ian. With Adil’s support, Ian secured a permanent job as a part-time cleaner with a short journey time from his home, which means he can get there easily. Ian continues to be supported by the Restart Scheme to ensure that he has everything he needs to  feel confident and happy in his new job.

Ian said:

“You have helped me build my self-confidence and get me back in to employment after my previous temporary job finished. The Restart scheme has helped me mentally prepare for this job and helped me financially set things straight so I could be in work and without my Employment Adviser and the Restart Scheme, I would still be jobless”.



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