Restart Scheme

“If it wasn’t for the Restart Scheme, I don’t think for one second I would have found this job!”

23rd Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

Abby says even with an extensive project management background, she was a "frantic mess" during her 10-month job search and hit brick walls left, right and centre. But with the right type of support from the Restart Scheme, Abby’s confidence grew within four weeks and she accepted a role in Business Support at a local authority. 

“I don’t think for one second that I would have found this job without the help of the Restart Scheme and if you’re looking for work, you should embrace the opportunity to do the same. It isn’t just about work coaching, it’s about life coaching and it gave me the confidence to interview and start my dream job.”

Abby had previously applied for everything she felt was relevant and had numerous versions of her CV to directly approach employers. But nothing worked and a feeling of self-doubt took hold. Kiara, Abby’s Job Coach at Pathway Group, recognised that Abby needed to feel she wasn’t on her own, to rebuild her self-belief.   

So, she coached Abby to highlight her impressive successes and achievements in previous roles in her CV and to make sure her formatting was appealing and easy to read. But more importantly in this case, Kiara also spent time working on Abby’s confidence in herself and her abilities, reminding her that she was experienced in project management and an ideal employee with demonstrable experience. 

After only a few days after updating her CV, Abby was approached by Hays recruitment after applying for a job. But instead of offering her an interview for the position she applied for, they offered her a position for a Business Support at a local authority. As Abby so perfectly says: “I have found my dream job with full time hours so quickly! It was a four week turn around."

"The Restart Scheme helps on every level and bring you out of yourself. That’s so important because when you’re unemployed, you lose your self-esteem and you start to believe that you are not worthy. I couldn’t have done it without my Job Coach who helped me to remember who I am and what I can do.”


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