Restart Scheme

Jane* Secures Role at Starling Bank Through the Restart Scheme

2nd Feb 2024 Restart Scheme

Jane* became a mother in 2019, and since then has struggled to keep a full-time job. Jane did not have any family to help her in Wales and could only work when her child was in nursery. Jane’s child also fell ill a lot, and it was very hard for her to work full time whilst looking after her child. As a result, Jane wanted a part time job that she could do working from home. 

Joining the Restart Scheme in Newport, Jane was assigned Renate Anthony as her Job Coach. Jane told Renate about her situation and how she wanted a part time role so that she could work whilst also being there for her child. Renate worked with Jane to build out her CV and gave her tips and pointers on how to improve it overall.

As part of their conversations, Renate told Jane about part time roles that were available at Starling Bank, who have so far enabled 20 part and full-time Customer Service and Customer Onboarding new starters from the Restart Scheme. Jane decided to look at vacancies on the Starling website and applied for a part time Customer Onboarding role, where she was invited to interview. To get Jane ready for the interview, Renate enrolled her onto training sessions to refine and practice her interview skills, and also held one-to-one mock interviews with her

As a result of her hard work, Jane was offered a part time role at Starling Bank. The Restart Scheme has supported Jane with a bus pass to commute to the office for the first month of her training at Starling. The Restart Scheme has also supported Jane with work clothes and an office chair to help her work from home. 

Jane said:
“Right from the start, my Job Coach had faith that I had the skills to work at Starling Bank, and going part time was the best thing for me whilst my child is still young. Renate was always positive and supportive. I am so grateful I was referred to the Restart Scheme! It was an extremely positive experience. 


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