Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps Alfie* find a Retail Role

7th Aug 2023 Restart Scheme

Alfie* had recently moved from London to Coventry and had been out of work for over a year. Joining the Restart Scheme, Alfie was struggling to find work due to alcohol dependency and was also in a bad state financially. Alfie’s Job Coach, Khadijah Khan from Reed in Partnership, worked with Alfie to update his CV and identify key job goals that would help support his search for work.

Equipped with an up-to-date CV showcasing his skills, Alfie also joined workshops which enabled him to identify a job goal and obtain transferrable skills. This helped Alfie build up his self-confidence. Khadijah also notified Alfie about upcoming job fairs, where he could meet with employers to see what work was available.

Due to his hard work, Alfie secured a role as a Retail Assistant working 16 hours a week. The Restart Scheme also provided additional post-employment support including ordering work shoes and a one-month bus pass.

Alfie said:

“The Restart Scheme has been so useful. Thank you for all the support from the team.”


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