Restart Scheme

“Overwhelmed” - John lands his dream job in Accounting

17th Sep 2021 Restart Scheme

Unemployed since 2019, John* has secured skilled employment following an extraordinarily short support journey on the Restart Scheme.

Referred by Birmingham’s Centennial House JCP, John was eager to maximise his untapped potential in a reputable company, having acquired an accountancy qualification. His Shaw Trust Job Coach quickly set to work, contacting specialist recruitment agents, using an updated CV showcasing his transferable skillset and qualifications.  John’s Job Coach landed John an interview in just two days.

John was invited to interview at a leading steel strip manufacturer, operating in over 50 countries. Interview preparation began immediately, with training to polish his interview technique and prepare him using mock-interview questions.

Good news! John was offered a position within the company and describes himself as “overwhelmed” that he had been offered a role in such a short space of time, exceeding his original work-based aspirations.

Support has not stopped there and John is currently receiving in-work support as he settles into his new role. Reflecting on recent events, John concluded that without being referred over to the Restart Scheme, he would still be seeking employment.” Congratulations John!


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