Restart Scheme

Jordan* overcomes prejudice to find a job through the Restart Scheme

26th Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

When Jordan started on the Restart Scheme, he was very frustrated. All his job applications kept being rejected because he had a criminal record.

Jordan’s work coach, Lukman Miah from the Serco Restart Scheme, sympathised with Jordan about his frustrations. Lukman knew of some training coming up that the Restart Scheme were holding that would be perfect for Jordan, and that the company would consider hiring people with previous convictions. It was a 2-day training course on working in a warehouse, with the possibility of finding a job with that company.

The 2-day training course was a steep learning curve for Jordan, but the training team supported him and he was able to learn techniques to calm his nerves and approach to interviews, as well as improving his mindset on starting work again. He also got to meet the employer that he could potentially be working for with a site tour and an introduction to the team.

Lukman made sure he kept checking in with Jordan to support him with his job search and training, and also helped him in searching for additional license training and narrowing down his job search based on his skill set.

After successfully completing the training, Jordan was offered a full-time position with the company and is really enjoying his new role.

Jordan said:

“I was only on the Restart Scheme for 4 months or so before securing my role in the warehouse. The staff here have been great and helpful with supporting me”.


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