Restart Scheme

Kirsty secures Teaching Assistant Role through the Restart Scheme

10th Apr 2024 Restart Scheme

Kirsty had experience in Retail, Stewarding, and an ongoing volunteer role with the Cadets. However, Kirsty was looking for a flexible paid role which could fit in with her childcare hours due to being a single parent.

When Kirsty joined the Restart Scheme in January 2024, she was assigned Rosie Herrett as her Job Coach, who provided her with personalized support based on her needs and aspirations. This included one-to-one meetings to discuss her career goals, help with CV writing and interview preparation, and advice on how to approach employers. 

One of the significant elements of the Restart Scheme that transformed Kirsty's life was its emphasis on 'soft skills' training. Kirsty was able to attend workshops that focused on building confidence, improving communication skills, and fostering a positive mindset. Kirsty was also enrolled on to a Level 2 Food Hygiene and a COSH course which she has since completed.

During their next meeting, Kirsty and Rosie completed a job searching session on WM Jobs (a website for Public Sector Jobs) for relevant roles. Together, they completed a job application for an infant and nursery school in her local area. Kirsty was sent away with a further three applications to complete as she felt confident having already doing one with Rosie.

As a result of the Restart Scheme, Kirsty was offered the role at the school and will start in April 2024. Kirsty’s long-term goal is to work within a school as a Teaching Assistant, so Rosie has referred Kirsty to Performance Through People, a local training provider, to attend their Teaching Assistant bootcamp.

The Restart Scheme played a significant role in transforming Kirsty's life. It helped her overcome the hurdles of unemployment and empowered her to secure a job. The personalised support, the emphasis on soft skills, and job application support provided by the Restart Scheme were crucial in guiding Kirsty from unemployment to employment. 

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