Restart Scheme

Merthyr Career Girl Restarts Her Life After Being Courted by PeoplePlus

27th Oct 2021 Restart Scheme

Courtney hoped she wouldn’t feel worse than when unemployment forced her to give up her flat in Cardiff and move into her boyfriend’s parent’s attic in Merthyr. But then the Pandemic gripped the country, shut off her family and friends who were in another county, and ate all her savings. To say she was sceptical was an understatement; though fate intervened under the guise of the aptly named Restart Scheme.  

As one of the first Participants in Merthyr, Courtney was the first client of Michelle Morgan, Job Coach from Serco’s delivery partner, PeoplePlus. They hit it off immediately and Michelle learnt Courtney wanted a career as an Administrative Assistant. 

By luck it was a role that PeoplePlus was seeking to fill for itself. And of course,Courtney managed to secure it.  

She says, “Looking back, I should have bought a lottery ticket on the day of the interview because I just couldn’t believe my luck! One minute I was a terrible downward spiral and the next the clouds parted, and my two-year hiatus was over. You can imagine what a champion of the Restart Scheme I am now. I was a Participant and now I work at PeoplePlus helping to deliver it. I’m proof it works!”   

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