Restart Scheme

Mobility issues doesn’t stop Raj finding work

27th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Raj had stopped working and didn’t know what he wanted to do next. He needed some guidance and support to look for the right role and was lacking motivation. He also has some short-term mobility issues. Despite having a varied, good work history, he wanted to try something different and find a role that could be the start of a career.

Raj worked with his Work Coach, Georgia Marchisio-King from City of Wolverhampton Council. She supported him with creating a new CV, writing statements and cover letters, matching job descriptions and meeting him regularly to help with his job search. They also discussed training and support that was available to him and helped him to buy interview/work clothes.

Raj managed to secure a job with a local authority working in the mailroom. Although it was a temporary job, he is hoping to be offered a permanent role in the near future.


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