Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps facilitate University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB)/NHS Discovery Session with a great outcome

3rd Oct 2022 Restart Scheme

Yas Brotherson, a Serco Employment Engagement Co-ordinator, recently organised an information session at a Serco office in Birmingham to promote the next UHB/NHS Facilities training course. The aim of the course is to provide Participants with information about careers and training pathways available through the NHS, and also gain a greater understanding of Facilities roles in a hospital like portering, housekeeping and catering. 

There was a great turnout from employers and Participants at the event. Peter Forsland, an NHS Educator, said: “It’s a genuine pleasure to work with the Restart Scheme and talk with the Participants about moving forward into training and new careers within the NHS. The staff are highly professional, the atmosphere is always welcoming and the Participants a delight to talk to during group information sessions.” 

Emma Dalton, Project Manager from UHB said: “Our partnership with the Restart Scheme has been really successful to date, they are extremely proactive in sending us potential employee referrals and inviting us to exhibit at numerous jobs fairs. We have also delivered several Discovery Workshops and information sessions which have been facilitated sometimes at short notice in response to filling our programmes. A great partnership which will hopefully continue to grow and develop in the future”

From the most recent UHB training programme, 12 Participants successfully completed the course, of which, ALL received job offers! 8 have already started work and the remaining are currently waiting for start dates.

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